L6 Subject PDP

Looking back at the last year of my work, it appears fairly sporadic and erratic in content and ideas. But I think that the projects I chose to work on helped me improve on specific aspects of my practice. They were all tied together by aspects of my dissertation, and although the project that I have ended up with is not directly linked in subject matter, I have found that they both lent themselves to a particular way of working, and similar research philosophies.

My first project was an exercise in skill building, and I believe that I improved massively in my visual language, pacing, and methodology. Last year my main issue with my work was that I rushed it, and I really tried hard to take my time with this project, and I think it paid off. The subject matter didn’t have enough ideas and thought behind it, though it was fairly relevant to my dissertation, and I decided to change course.

I moved on to looking at various cautionary tales, and the tropes and themes of them, like gluttony and forbidden knowledge. I was really intrigued by the cyclical nature of transgression and punishment, and how we seem intent on ironic retributions. I tried to get this across in my work, and created simple, abstract images and animations that delivered the messages of the cautionary tales I was reading. I also started to consider more the materials that I was using, and what they meant for the communication of the work. I specifically looked at The Brothers Quay when I was thinking about how I wanted my work to speak through texture and materiality. I found that during this project I really got to grips with thinking more thoroughly about what my illustrations communicated, and what I was interested in exploring through visual means.

After looking at horror, cautionary tales, and cyclical punishments, I found a narrative that really spoke to me about all of these themes I’d been investigating. In Dante’s Inferno I found all of these subjects. But I still felt that I needed to have a deeper meaning behind what I wanted to show within the narrative of the poem, as well as relate it back to my dissertation.

I thought about what I had most enjoyed about writing my dissertation, and decided it had been the Freudian concepts that I had explored and considered, as well as older psychoanalytic theories about how and why we viewed the world how we do.

When I first researched if there had been any Freudian readings of the Divine Comedy, i found that there had been many comparing the levels of Dante’s hell, to Freud’s diagram of the levels of the subconscious. I found that really interesting, and was set on making a parallel of the two.

I’m happy with what I created, and I think that the narrative is subtle, how I wanted it, and also intriguing. I think that perhaps I got a little caught up in how I was presenting it, and the work suffered because of it. I know that if I had planned and sketched more, it would have looked better, but I’ve barely managed to get it all done in time anyway!


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