STYX gif

styx-editted-.gifThis is the animation I made for the part of the story where Dante and Virgil travel across the River Styx, and into hell.

I’ve tried again to subtly incorporate the shape of neutrons, hopefully along with the water, it looks a bit like he’s travelling through a brain. I didn’t include Dante in this scene, even though he is present in the boat. I wanted the viewer to feel like they were Dante. Dante very much takes on the role of spectator and judge in the poem, and I want the viewer to feel the same.

The lantern is also present because it hopefully it helps to paint the picture of the superego as a kind of moral force, trying to control the less moral urges of the subconscious.

This part of the story is really about delving into a journey.

Kronos/ Charybdis animation

I really struggled to incorporate the Tantalus part into my animation. I knew what I wanted, but in practice it just didn’t want to work. I thought about mounting the hand to some wood, and attaching string, but that would mean I’d have to have a whole support structure around the scene. And I thought about how to do it coming out of water, if it should be hair gel, like I used in the Cthulhu scene, or if it should be just a bucket of water.

I also thought about if it should be upright, or on its side. In the end I decided on just lying it flat and photographing it from above, as it is much easier, especially if you want to do it quickly. I learnt this last year doing the TED Talks project.

I really couldn’t figure it out, and when I got round to giving it a go, the method I used didn’t work, and I chose to cut the animation short. I think I was just too ambitious this time.

Anyway, I have a shorter animation that I’m still fairly proud of.


I think that the falling needed to happen quicker, and there was an issue with zooming in without focusing, but I like how it looks, and I think it incorporates the themes I wanted to talk about, like the link between power and consuming, and the obsession we have with both. I think these are very prevalent in our society today, as the power is not so much with the consumer anymore. But there are a lot of stories that bestow a lot of power in the act of consumption, almost like a sort of show of dominance or defiance.

First Models of Project

I’ve finally gotten around to making some models for animating and photographing. I didn’t really think about the logistics of animating, because I was focusing on the textured I was using, and the impact the image had.

wolf arms

wolf jaw 2



I think that they represent the story quite well, and represent the aspects of horror that I wanted to bring into my work, like the liminality of the hands coming out of the wolf’s mouth. I really like the glue gun glue that I used for the drool. I’m definitely using that again, and maybe experimenting with making it move around.

Finished animation


I have spent a lot of time experimenting with using clay to create barrels and boxes for my set. I learnt a lot in the process, about firing, glazes, wedging, and joining.  I originally thought that I was going to use glaze on them to create a shiny, wet wood look. But I realised that it would take a whole week extra to glaze and fire it, and I’d already waited a week to bisque fire them. So I just used paint for the wood, but used two shades to accentuate the wood grain I had created. I then used a mixture of nail varnish, and acrylic to paint the metal. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Although painting them rather than glazing was perhaps a shortcut, I don’t think they could have looked any better, and it was a worthwhile sacrifice.


dock still


Over all I’m happy with how this shot turned out. But I still really need to think about context. It looks good, but I need to question what message I want to give with my work.

I think that this shot is better than the last one I did, it has more aesthetic value, probably because I did more planning, and thinking about colour. I didn’t get round to adding an ominous shadow at the end because my camera ran out of battery. This seems to be happening a lot, I need to find a way of fixing that.

More Gifs for Ted Talks


These are my third and fourth gifs for my ted talks project. First I’m illustrating the cricket eating the larvae of the gordian worm, where it grows inside it. I’m so chuffed with this one. I really like how the little ball grows into a worm and the crickets little antennas (is that the plural??) wiggle and twitch.


I’m less proud of this one, and if I have time at the end I might re do it. I want the flamingo head to me smaller, and the background to be more detailed.

TED Talks

The way I went about planning my images was to watch the video and make notes about what I thought were the main points. I found that the video could be split up into 3 different examples of parasites, so thats how I’m going to tackle it. I then sketched out some ideas in a kind of story board.


I found that text would work quite well accompanying the images, kind of like a comic. And also that the images might look good as gifs, with just a little movement. I know it’s a little ambitious to do 10 gifs in a week, but I’d rather have 5 good ones, than 10 rubbish ones.

Here are the two I’ve done so far.




I think they’re both pretty good, and when part of a larger group of images, I think my presentation will look really lively, which is what I really want to get across.