This is a terrible photo. It looks better in real life I swear! I struggled to press the button for the light, hold the lights in the right place, and take the photo. And there’ll be less background light when the frame on the front goes on, so there’ll be a shadow of it’s mouth on the back wall. And also, in real life you can look around and see the middle head of the Cerberus. Also, the tail is really straight, and I’ve only just realised.

Now that I’ve gotten all the excuses out of the way I can actually talk about the work.

This is to represent gluttony, and in the poem, Cerberus guards the souls who are lying in the mud. I just wanted a simple model, so I focused on Cerberus. The three snarling heads brings focus on the mouth, and I’ve added drool coming out of all their mouths. I’ve drawn even more attention to the mouths, by casting the shadow of one of them on the back wall.


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